We will be planning activities several times each year to give our daycare families a chance to get to know our staff and each other better.  These gatherings help all of us to develop a sense of community, especially for families that are new to Tipton. All household members are invited to attend.  Extended family may attend when space is available.

FREE or Low Cost Child Care
If you qualify for Child Care Assistance

At Tipton Adaptive Daycare, we view the needs of the whole family as vital to the child's development and well-being. Tipton Adaptive Daycare has a variety of parenting resource books, magazines and pamphlets available for daycare parents to borrow. We can also assist you with locating community services and resources to help your family stay healthy, help you improve your parenting skills and help navigate life's challenges. We also offer several programs to help make child care more affordable and to reward you for being an active participant in strengthening your family.

Parenting Investing Program (PIP)

There are many things we do as parents to invest in our families’ futures. One of those ways might be to invest in a savings program at work with our employers matching the money we contribute to the plan. It is important to also invest in your child’s present needs to ensure he or she has a strong future. The best way we can provide for our children’s present and future needs is to learn good parenting skills. What we do as parents will have a greater impact on our children’s lives than anyone else involved with our children. We can learn how to be better parents through books, magazines, classes, and the guidance of family and friends.

Tipton Adaptive Daycare would like to match the time you invest in parenting classes. For every hour of classes you attend, you will be given one unit of credit for free child care for one child. Each two hours of classes attended will equal a full-day credit for one child. For families using third-party payers, the time can be used for a little time to yourself that your payer might not reimburse. Credits can also be used for after hours care by appointment. To receive your credits, you will need a certificate of attendance or a statement signed by the class instructor stating the title of the class and the numbers of hours attended. This offer is for children currently enrolled at Tipton Adaptive Daycare.

Are You a Parent and a Student?

Tipton Adaptive Daycare would like to reward your hard work and efforts to build a secure future for your children. If you currently have a child enrolled in our daycare, bring in your most recent college or high school report card, and you will receive one unit of credit for free child care for one child for each ‘A’ you received in the previous reporting period. Two A’s will equal a full day of free child care for one child. For families using third-party payers, the time can be used for a little time to yourself that your payer might not reimburse.

Operation Child Care      

National Guard, Reserve and Active Duty military families returning from duty in a combat zone for two weeks of R&R may receive a minimum of four hours of free child care. Contact your local Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) agency to see if child care providers are participating in your area. This is a joint initiative between the Department of Defense (DoD) and the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies.

Tipton Adaptive Daycare is participating in Operation Child Care, and will continue to offer the program after the program is discontinued by CCR&R.  You do not need to be enrolled in our daycare to participate, but you will need to fill out our daycare enrollment forms.  There is no enrollment fee to take advantage of this program. 

For more information go to: http://www.childcareaware.org/en/operationchildcare/ or contact Community Action of Eastern Iowa at 800-369-3778.

Operation Comfort Warriors

Operation Comfort Warriors and Heroes to Hometowns, The American Legion’s two disabled troop support programs, have merged under the Operation Comfort Warriors banner.
The American Legion exists for veterans and their families. We honor and support all veterans who have served our country. Within this section pertinent information focused on veterans’ assistance along with our family support network are covered. Additionally, a wealth of information is provided on our Heroes To Hometown initiative and other highlighted Veterans Administration announcements and bulletins.

Tipton Adaptive Daycare is offering available daycare spaces to injured service members while they attend medical or therapy appointments. More information about this program can be found at:    http://www.legion.org/operationcomfortwarriors/212722/legion-troop-support-programs-combine

        "Welcoming home severely injured service members""Heroes to Hometowns" is a transition program for severely injured service members returning home from OEF/OIF. "Heroes to Hometowns" establishes a support network and coordinates resources for severely injured service members returning home. To inquire about aid under OCW or to be connected with a local volunteer H2H coordinator, email ocw@legion.org.

For more information, contact:
The American Legion 

Operation Comfort Warriors
Military Severely Injured Center

(Pentagon Detachment)
Phone: 202-631-9924

Daycare Family Activities

Center Programs

Tipton Adaptive Daycare

Child Care Assistance (CCA) is available to the children of income-eligible parents who are absent for a portion of the day due to employment or participation in academic or vocational training or PROMISE JOBS activities. Assistance may also be available for a limited period of time to the children of a parent looking for employment or when the parent who normally cares for the child is unable to do so due to hospitalization, or outpatient treatment for physical or mental illness.

You may get help from the Child Care Assistance program if you:
* Have a child who needs care who is under the age of 13 (or under the age of 19 if the child has special needs) and have income under the program's limits

* Work an at least 28 hours per week; or
* Attend a training or education program full-time; or
* Are looking for work; or
* Are unable to provide care because of an approved medical reason.
(work and education hours may be combined)

Child Care Assistance is provided

without regard to income for:

Families with a child with protective needs.
Participants in PROMISE JOBS-approved activities.
Recipients of FIP (Family Investment Program), or people whose income was considered in determining the needs of a FIP recipient.
Reference: Iowa Department of Human Services Employees’ Manual   https://dhs.iowa.gov/sites/default/files/13-G.pdf