2021 Daycare Center Rates


(Proof of active duty status is required.)


*(Full time is 5-12 hours per day, five days per week pre-paid.)
Infants / Toddlers

(4 weeks to 36 months) = $175.00
Preschool (3-5 years) = $155.00
School Age - Full Day

(Kindergarten to 12th grade) = $130.00
Additional Child (sibling) Discount =

$10.00 off full-time weekly rate
(Sibling discounts are applied to the siblings attending the least amount of time.)


(*Half-time is up to six hours per day, five days per week pre-paid, with regular hours before or after noon or before and after school. No varied schedules.)
Infants / Toddlers = $105.00
Preschool = $85.00
School Age = $70.00
Additional Child (sibling) Discount = $5.00 off half-time weekly rate
(*Children enrolled half-time that are present for more than five hours in a day, including school age children present for longer than five hours due to school delay or early out, will need to purchase a unit of drop-in care.)
DROP-IN * (per 5 hour unit):
Infants / Toddlers = $22.50
Preschool = $19.50
School Age = $15.50
School Age, No School Day = $15.00 for additional half day
Additional Child (sibling) Discount = $1.00 per unit
(*One unit is up to five hours. 6 to 12 hours is two units. $1.00 per child for each minute of care beyond the number of units purchased. Additional units can be purchased if space is available.)


(IMMT, Respite, SCL, 1:1 Caregiver, etc):
$13.50 per hour 

SPECIAL NEEDS CARE* (per 5 hour unit)
Infant/Toddler: $52.00
Preschool: $35.00
School-Age: $31.00

(*Children with special needs are counted as two children in our staffing ratios, and our staff members receive training from a registered nurse to ensure they are prepared to meet each child's needs. We are unable to provide 1:1 caregivers. If your child has a Medicaid Waiver, your child might be eligible for a personal caregiver funded by Medicaid while at daycare.)


Your childcare rates are being subsidized through low wages for our employees. If we paid a starting wage of $10 for assistant teachers and $15 for lead teachers, our weekly rates would be the following:

​Infants / Toddlers: $225.00

Preschool (3-5 years): $200.00
School Age - Full Day:

Before/After School:  $100.00

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Our Center is closing on August 19, 2022.
Watch for home-based summer camps for school-age children starting in 2023.

Tipton Adaptive Daycare

Enrollment & Payment Policies


Tuition for full-time and half-time  reserved spaces is due each Friday prior to the week the child will be attending.Tuition for full-time and half-time reserved spaces is due every other Friday prior to the week the child will be attending.  Weekly payments are accepted, though billing statements will cover a two week period. At least one week must be paid in advance. Unless prior arrangements are made, if payment is not received by Monday morning, your child will not be allowed to attend until your account is paid in full.  Unless prior arrangements are made, a $5.00 late fee will be applied for each seven days payment is late.  A $20.00 fee will be charged for returned checks.  The returned check fee will be waived up to three times per year if the check amount, plus any bank fees charged to the daycare center, are paid in cash within 24 hours of notification. If your account is not paid within 90 days of date of service and no financial arrangements have been made, you will be responsible for legal fees, collection agency fees, interest charges, late fees, and any other charges incurred in collecting your account. 

Drop-In and late pick-up fees are due at the time the child is picked up.  If the child will be attending for more than one day in a week, payment is due on the last day of attendance for that bi-weekly billing period.

Fees for children receiving care funded by Medicaid HCBS Waivers Consumer Choice Option, DHS Title XX Child Care Assistance, or Promise Jobs will be billed directly to the appropriate agency.  Any fees not covered by other funding sources are due by the end of the next bi-weekly billing period.  Parents are responsible for enrollment deposits and any claims denied by the third party payer.  Child care assistance per-unit co-payments will be tallied at the end of each billing period, and are due by the end of the next bi-weekly billing period.  Parents of children requiring 1:1 supervision need to contact their social worker or case manager to arrange funding and staffing for this service. 

If a current notice of decision from DHS is not on file at the daycare, private pay tuition will apply. With proof of eligibility and submission of assistance application and income verification, 50% credit on tuition can be offered for up to 4 weeks at the director's discretion. 50% of private pay tuition must be paid by the first day of each week. You will receive a refund or credit toward future co-pays of any over-payment when payment is received from your 3rd party payer. The remaining 50% will be due immediately if your assistance application is denied.

Absences / Holidays:
Full-time and half-time tuition is not discounted for holidays or absences.  The daycare is closed on major holidays.  If a holiday falls on a weekend, the daycare will be closed on an adjacent weekday in observation of that holiday.  If a child misses five consecutive business operation days for any reason, you will only be responsible for half the tuition for that week.   You may take up to four discounted weeks per calendar year.  Drop-in children are not charged for missed days.  Notification of absence is appreciated so that drop-in children may use the available space.  If notification of  absence is not received within one hour after your child’s anticipated arrival time, you will be called to confirm your child’s absence.

For families utilizing child care assistance or other third party payers, payment for non-reimbursed absences will be the responsibility of the parents. Absences are determined by your enrollment status.  DHS Child Care Assistance reimburses for up to four absences per month.  Vacation rates will apply if five consecutive days are missed, up to a total of four discounted weeks per year.  If fewer than five non-reimbursed days are missed in a week, the drop-in rate will apply.  Failure to pay for non-reimbursed absences or to make payment arrangements by the beginning of the following week will result in loss of your child’s reserved space.  Your child may return to daycare after your account is paid in full, if space is available.

$25.00 security deposit per family. Must be paid before the first day of attendance for all families, including families with third party payers. There is no registration deposit for special one day drop-in events.

Notice of two weeks is required before the withdrawal or schedule change request of an enrolled child at the center. If the child is withdrawn without two weeks prior notice or services are terminated for violation of center policies or nonpayment of fees, the security deposit will not be returned. 

All children, including drop-in, will pay a one-time registration deposit at the time of registration to cover administrative costs.  Your child’s space cannot be reserved until the registration fee is paid.  All registration forms, including immunization record and DHS notice of decision, if applicable, must be turned in before your child can attend.

When the registration deposit is paid, your child’s space can be held for up to two weeks.  After that, you may use the four discounted vacation/illness weeks at half tuition to hold your child’s space.  After that you will need to pay the full tuition to continue to hold your child’s space.  If it will be longer than two weeks before your child will start daycare, you can elect to pass on the space without loosing your spot on the waiting list.

At the time of registration, you will need to select full-time, half-time or drop-in status.  Drop-in hours are not reserved, and are on a first-come basis. Drop-In spaces might not be available when classroom enrollment is full or there are not enough staff present to accommodate the additional child(ren). Drop-in spaces may be reserved up to one week in advance by paying the tuition for the reserved days on the previous Friday.  Unused reserved days will not be refunded. 

Your space will be reserved based on the status of your registration, and fees are charged according to that status.  If a full-time child attends less than five hours per day, the full-time fee will still be applied since that is the space that is being reserved for your child.  If you elect to change to a drop-in or half-time status and then wish to return to a full-time status, you will need to place your child on the waiting list for a full-time space.  Your child can continue to attend as a drop-in while on the waiting list for a full-time space.  Drop-in children do not have a reserved space, and will only be accepted if the number of children present will not exceed the classroom and staff limits allowed under Iowa law.

School-aged children attending before and after school automatically change to full-time status when school is out for the entire week.  Full-time tuition will be due unless you notify the daycare the prior week that your will not be attending full-time.  If your child will not be attending the entire week, the half-off discount will be taken off from your child’s usual rate and not the full-time rate.  During the summer, the full-time rate will be considered your child’s usual rate.  At least one week advanced notice is required for attendance on no-school days so that appropriate staffing can be arranged.  If additional staffing is not available, school-aged children will not accepted when it will cause the number of children present to exceed the limit allowed by my registration.  You will not be charged for days your child is not accepted due to staffing shortages.

Late Pickup Fees:
$1.00 per family for each minute child(ren) are present before 6:00 am or after 6:00 pm and for each minute of care beyond the number of units purchased. Late fees may be waived at the director’s discretion in emergency situations.  Prompt notification of late pick-ups is appreciated.  Failure to pay late fees will be considered non-payment of tuition, and your child will not be able to attend until your account is brought up to date.

Waiting List:
There is no fee for a child to be placed on the waiting list.  The date the waiting list intake form is received is the date your child is placed on the waiting list.  Children with special needs and/or disabilities are given priority on the waiting list, followed by siblings of children already attending.  When a full-time space becomes available, it will be offered first to children with special needs based on the date on the intake form, then to siblings of children already attending, then general intake.  Drop-in children may use vacant full-time spaces until the space is filled.

Special Needs:
A child with “special needs” meets one or more of the following conditions:

  • A physician or a school psychologist endorsed by the Iowa Department of Education has diagnosed the child to have a developmental disability that:
    • Substantially limits one or more major life activities, and
    • Requires professional treatment, assistance in self-care, or the purchase of special adaptive equipment.
  • A qualified mental retardation professional has determined the child to have a condition that impairs the child’s intellectual and social functioning.
  • A mental health professional has diagnosed the child to have a behavioral or emotional disorder characterized by situationally inappropriate behavior that:
    • Deviates substantially from behavior appropriate to the child’s age, or
    • Significantly interferes with the child’s intellectual, social, or personal adjustment.

Tipton Adaptive Daycare reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, and we may limit the number and/or ages of children we accept to ensure we are able to meet the needs of the children in our care. We may also refuse future services to any child already enrolled if the presence of that child impairs our ability to meet the needs of the other children in our care or poses a safety risk to themselves or others.

Tipton Adaptive Daycare is an Equal Opportunity Provider.