Tipton Adaptive Daycare

At Tipton Adaptive Daycare, we believe that children learn best through play, so there are generous amounts of both indoor and outdoor free-play time. We focus our activities and routine interactions to help develop the skills needed for school readiness, including communication skills, social skills, self-help skills, pre-academic skills, impulse-control, self-regulation, problem solving, attention span, and the independence of the children.

Play-Based Curriculum

Quality, professional childcare for children of all needs and abilities.

Tipton Adaptive Daycare offers care for children with special medical needs or disabilities in an integrated environment with their non-disabled peers. We also provide services for children with behavioral or psychological needs. Though the daycare is considered a special needs daycare, the majority of children that attend the daycare do not have special needs. Tipton Adaptive Daycare is an Equal Opportunity Provider.

We have a variety of parenting and community resources available to help your family thrive and grow.

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